All That Remains’ Phil Labonte & Trivium’s Paolo Gregoletto Have Been Beefing Online (Updated)


Update – February 22nd, 2018 – 11:30pm:

Paolo Gregoletto looks to have taken a sly shot back regarding Labonte‘s comments about his alleged lack of writing credits with the below tweets:

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Original Story:

All That Remains vocalist Phil Labonte has lashed out at Trivium bassist Paolo Gregoletto in a series of tweets and a video after Gregoletto commented on Labonte‘s recent appearance on Infowars. In that appearance, Labonte argued against gun control while also in part calling out MetalSucks.

Labonte himself is widely known as a staunch libertarian who champions gun rights and has been involved as a partner in a gun shop. Going by Gregoletto‘s tweets, he would seemingly be leaning considerably to the left. Gregoletto himself fired the first shot, tweeting in response to Labonte‘s appearance:

That led to some Twitter beefing, that included:

As well as some shots fired to other Twitter users regarding All That RemainsGarth Brooks cover:

Labonte took Gregoletto‘s suggestion to heart, posting the below video, in which he stated:

“So last night, Paolo from Trivium decided that he wanted to let me know that he didn’t like us, or he didn’t like All That Remains. And so he goes and talks some smack about singing, talks some smack about how great their last tour was. And their last tour did great numbers—to everyone involved, congratulations.

You guys had a great tour; it’s something to be proud of. But Paolo, nobody went to see that tour because Paolo was there. Nobody cares. If you weren’t there and it was some other dude, that tour would have done the same thing. You’re the third most important guy in a four-man band that changes their fourth member every couple of years. Everyone knows Trivium is Matt [Heafy vocalist/guitarist].

So jumping at me talking smack? Ain’t nobody calling you in the middle of the night saying, ‘Come save my tour’ [referring to the times Labonte has filled in for Five Finger Death Punch and Killswitch Engage.] You didn’t write the hits for Trivium. You’ve been riding coattails.

So here you go, Paolo. You wanted me to make a YouTube video about it? Here it is.”

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