Phil Labonte On Infowars

All That Remains’ Phil Labonte Appears On Infowars To Tackle Gun Control & MetalSucks


All That Remains vocalist Phil Labonte was recently a guest on Infowars, speaking to guest host, controversial political commentator Milo Yiannopoulos, on his thoughts on gun control and more. The piece essentially continued onward from Labonte‘s recent video in which he didn’t back the latest call for gun control in the United States following the high school shooting in Parkland, FL that claimed the lives of over a dozen people.

The chat also delves into MetalSucks‘ reaction to Labonte‘s video (also see here,) while touching on the general left leaning approach in the metal scene and more. At one point, Yiannopoulos goes into MetalSucks, in part offering:

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“This is a social justice left wing blog about metal—so its got a readership of 9. but they call it MetalSucks, it’s like they don’t hide their contempt for the art form.”

Yiannopoulos also went on to lament what he felt is an infiltration of left leaning ideals into the metal scene, offering:

“All I think is sad, is that even icons in industries that have previously been immune from social justice and the pressures of the progressive left seem to have been toppling as well. And they topple for the worst of reasons. They topple over emotions. They topple over emotionally charged news stories instead of facts, reason, logic… At least if you’re wondering where next to point your ears and your pocketbook, consider All That Remains instead one of these other cucked metal bands.”

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