No Bragging Rights

No Bragging Rights May End Their Hiatus This Year


Though they haven’t been too active since going on hiatus back in March of 2015, No Bragging Rights posted the below update over the weekend assuring fans they aren’t done. Their 2015 van accident was a major factor in their original decision to step back.

“Yes, we have been M.I.A. for a while now. Sometimes, you gotta take a step back and chill for a while. One thing we did NOT want with this band, was for it to feel like a “job”. It was honestly starting to feel that way. We stopped worrying about our own sanity in order to make everyone else happy. Having to take tours to pay band debt, etc.

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Our accident really put things into perspective for us. We were/are so fortunate to be able to accomplish what we have as a band. However, we put off accomplishing personal goals for ourselves in the process. We don’t know if touring full time will ever be in our cards again, but creating definitely is. We’re done when we say we’re done. 🖕🏼”

The statement follows this post made by the band this past December, which suggested they had plans for this year.

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