Megadeth's Dave Mustaine

Dave Mustaine Says His Initial Vision With Megadeth Was To Destroy Metallica, But Is Now Over His Animosity


Though his opinion of Metallica can be prickly when it comes to social media and the press and their relationship is complicated lately, Megadeth frontman/guitarist Dave Mustaine feels he is over his animosity towards his former bandmates in Metallica. Mustaine recently said as much on Twitter while also commenting that his original goal with Megadeth was to destroy Metallica.

Mustaine of course was ejected from Metallica in the early 80s for his substance abuse, though Mustaine and the band reconciled back in 2004. When asked by a fan what his measure of success and vision was when starting Megadeth, he responded:

“My measure of success was if I ate that day or not, and my vision was destroy @Metallica and stop living in a van. Good thing I got over my animosity for leaving the band. I’m glad we reconciled… where’s the Big 4 shows???””