Will Haven

Will Haven Say New Album Is A “Huge Progression”


Will Haven‘s new album, thought to be titled “Muerte“, is tentatively set to arrive in mid-March. Deftones guitarist Stephen Carpenter is expected to guest on a new song titled “El Sol“, while YOB vocalist/guitarist Mike Scheidt will appear on “No Escape“.

Speaking recently with, Will Haven guitarist Jeff Irwin spoke of the album and the band’s renewed approach to making music:

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“Since the Deftones tour [in the 1990s], we’ve just been doing our own thing, trying to come up with something new, having fun with it. This is a hobby for us really. It’s not our full-time job, so we just do it when we have time to do it, and enjoy it. We don’t need to put a full 100 percent into it. But with this new record, that was the goal: to treat it like a real job. Work on it every night, put our heart and soul into it — and it came out amazing.

We finally put out a record to where we think we should have evolved to after all the years. Right now, it’s been a slow progression but I think we finally hit our mark now. It’s the new dawn of Will Haven coming out, which is really cool.”

He said of their progress with the album:

“We just finished up our new one a few months ago, and it’s supposed to come out in the middle of March, I believe. We did everything ourselves. We went into a recording studio in Sacramento, so we just did it here, did it ourselves, and recorded it, took our time, went back in and worked on production, mixing and stuff.

Mixing alone took like three months. We took a long time on it but it came out awesome. I personally think that our new record is where I thought we should have always gone in terms of music. It sounds like Will Haven, but it’s a huge progression. So I think now we’ve evolved into what we wanted to be.”

Irwin also admitted to not keeping up with current heavy bands, but did share his admiration for Code Orange:

“It’s really hard, but then a band like Code Orange comes out and brings the old-school into the new-school stuff, and I think that’s cool. I like seeing bands take older influences and put them back into metal again. Last year was a little bit more promising, and with our record coming out, it’ll be on the same level as Code Orange.

It’s metal, but it’s got some different influences in there, and it’s different to what we’ve been hearing for the last couple of years. I think maybe it’ll make a turn, but for me it’s gotten watered down and lost its soul a little bit. Hopefully, some new bands will bring back the soul and make it fun and personal again.”

There’s more to be found from Irwin at Current live dates include:

01/07 San Francisco, CA – Bottom Of The Hill
01/24 West Hollywood, CA – Whisky A Go Go

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