Korn's Jonathan Davis

Korn’s Jonathan Davis Confirms New Solo Album Tour For 2018


Korn frontman Jonathan Davis has confirmed the news of his previously rumored new solo album and plans to tour behind it. The effort will reportedly arrive in the spring, with April being rumored. In a Facebook livestream from this past Monday, December 18th, Davis said of it:

“I’m finishing my record finally. It’s been… I started it in 2008, so I guess it’ll be 10 years of work. It’s the J.D. S.F.A. record, but J.D. S.F.A. is no longer. Unfortunately, since Shane‘s [Gibson] passed, that band’s done and it can’t be recreated. So this is J.D. right now.”

“I’m really excited. I’ve been working on these songs for 10 years, and it’s turned out amazing. So there’ll be a record coming out next year. I just shot videos yesterday for a couple of songs, and the tour will be next year.”


[via Blabbermouth]