All Four Members Of Decapitated Released From Jail, Trial Date Set For January


All four members of Decapitated have been released from jail as they await trial for kidnapping and rape charges. Each member of the group face charges of varying degrees for an incident alleged to have occurred on their tour bus back on August 31st in Spokane, WA. On that night the group are accused of gang raping a female fan on their bus. The group have denied the charges thus far.

The The Spokesman-Review report that the band were granted release on their own recognizance this week without having post the $100,000 bond that was previously set. As part of their release, they were ordered by Judge Julie McKay to remain in the state of Washington and ordered to turn in their passports. Additionally, the band were ordered to sign waivers of extradition that would allow them to be sent back to Spokane, WA should they attempt to flee home to their native Poland.

It was also ordered that the four are not to have any contact with each other without attorneys present. Interestingly, the band received an endorsement from Polish politician Dominik Tarczynski, which is said to have helped aid in their release.

Notably, The Spokesman-Review report that Thy Art Is Murder guitarist Andy Marsh has given testimony that he saw the woman who accused the band violently moshing in the mosh pit earlier in the night. He is quoted as saying: “She was smashing her hands, arms and body against the metal barricade between the audience and the stage.” Somewhat similar injuries were noted in her original police report, including significant bruising to her upper arms and small abrasions to her knuckles.

The band’s trial is now set to commence on January 16th. You can find the full report on the current happenings with the forthcoming trial and the band’s release over at the The Spokesman-Review. Current charges the band are facing include:

  • Vocalist Rafal “Rasta” Piotrowski – first-degree kidnapping/second-degree rape
  • Guitarist Waclaw Kieltyka – first-degree kidnapping/second-degree rape
  • Bassist Hubert Wiecek – first-degree kidnapping/third-degree rape
  • Drummer Michal Lysejko – first-degree kidnapping/third-degree rape

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