Decapitated Begin Extradition Process To Spokane Following Arrest, More Details Emerge


The extradition process has begun for Decapitated with guitarist Waclaw Kieltyka and drummer Michal Lysejko both having been transferred from a Los Angeles, CA jail to Spokane County in Washington. The remaining members of the band will be transported at a later date.

Together the band currently stand accused of first-degree kidnapping, following an incident involving two females on their bus after an August 31st show in Spokane, WA. The four were since accused of gang raping one of the females, though have yet to be formally charged regarding that.

Thus far the band themselves have denied the accusations. A new report filed over at The Spokesman-Review sheds some light on how the band plan to defend themselves, with their attorney Steven Graham claiming: “We have witnesses that can testify to the fact that the accuser came to visit the band of her own free will and left on good terms. The accuser has a documented history of providing false information to the police dating back to 2014.”

A newly released police report also found witnesses offering different accounts than that of the female accusers. As per that report, a volunteer at the venue told police that he witnessed the two women “groping” members of the band earlier that night. He said he later saw them smoking a cigarette outside with one of the females later walking west talking angrily on her cell phone.

Meanwhile, one of the women, who said she escaped the bus (and alleged rape) by kicking frontman Rafal Piotrowski in the groin after he became sexually aggressive in a bathroom, was stopped that night on a DUI charge.

According to the Washington State Patrol trooper who pulled her over, the alleged sexual assault was not mentioned until she was in custody outside of the Spokane County Jail, stating: “She spoke to someone on the phone and then said to him that her friend was raped by five men downtown.”

Meanwhile, the alleged victim of the gang rape and her mother have been critical of how law enforcement has handled the case and their alleged failure to act more expediently. The band themselves were not arrested until September 09th in Santa Ana, CA—though their lawyer Graham had reached out the police prior to that to coordinate a return to the state if necessary.

Since their arrest the band have until now remained in custody in a Los Angeles county jail.

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