Clutch’s Neil Fallon Takes Board Seat At Foundation Dedicated To Bringing Online Child Predators To Justice


Clutch, etc. frontman Neil Fallon has taken on a role sitting on the board at the Innocent Lives Foundation. That organization’s purpose is to unmask anonymous online child predators and help bring them to justice. An interview with Fallon posted here finds him discussing how he came to be involved in the foundation and what his role is at the company.

When asked on why he decided to get involved, he replied:

“A few years back, Chris Hadnagy asked me to be a guest on the Social-Engineer Podcast. We kept in touch over the following years (often in the late hours following a Clutch gig). Early in 2017, Chris asked me to be a board member of the ILF. I was incredibly flattered. And I was confused. My initial thought was what could I possibly have to contribute.

I’m not an I.T. guy by any stretch. Chris replied that most boards are comprised of people from intentionally diverse backgrounds. Even though that made sense, I was still reluctant. Like many people, I found the idea of child predation horrific, and I didn’t want to get close to it. It’s repulsive. I spoke to my wife about it and this was her answer, “Now that you have the chance to help, how can you not?” She was absolutely right.

I just needed someone else to help verbalize what I already knew, but was too afraid to admit. Once that bridge was crossed, my reason for participating became crystal clear. It’s simple. I think humans should help other humans, especially the most vulnerable.”

When asked what his role includes, he offered:

“I reach out to people I know in the entertainment business. It’s a difficult subject to broach. But I’ve found that people are very eager to help. It’s the follow through that’s difficult. Other than that, I participate in board votes and brainstorming sessions. Working with the ILF has been a real education for me. As I said, I’ve been doing one thing for 26 years. The languages of I.T., board votes, fundraising, networking, etc., were completely foreign to me. I’m getting a better understanding of it, though.”

You can read more from Fallon and his work with the organization at

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