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Eighteen Visions’ James Hart Reveals The Ten Albums That Changed His Life


Eighteen Visions vocalist James Hart recently took part in Metal Hammer‘s ‘The Ten Records That Changed My Life‘ feature. In it he lists some of the albums that had a lasting impact on him throughout his life. Some excepts can be found below:

The album he wants to be remembered for:

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Eighteen Visions – “XVIII” (2017, Rise Records)

“Not to take anything away from what we’ve done in the past, but this record really speaks for who we are as a band and who we’ve always really been. Looking back in retrospect, we’ve had to figure out what we did best and what we liked best from each album, and we’ve been able to put it all on the new album. It’s really fun and exciting for us and it really encompasses who we are as songwriters.”

The album he wishes he made:

Alice In Chains – “Dirt” (1992, Columbia)

“My favorite album of all time. It’s heavy, it’s emotional, it’s super-personal, and paints great pictures. I’d probably have to have been on a lot of heroin to write it, but it’s my favourite. When it came out I loved how heavy and dark it was, how deep the concept is – it’s genius.”

Read on over at Metal Hammer.

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