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Members Of Killswitch Engage, Trivium, Etc. Discuss The Impact Of Metallica’s “Master Of Puppets”


Billboard recently rounded up musicians from all walks of heavy music to discuss the impact Metallica‘s 1986 classic “Master Of Puppets” had on them. The piece of course arrives just after last week’s deluxe box set edition of the album from the band. Some excerpts from the feature can be found below with experiences and thoughts from Devin Townsend, members of Morbid Angel, Cattle Decapitation and many more available at

“I was actually first introduced to Metallica when the Justice record came out. I was 11 years old when I heard ‘Blackened‘ for the first time through a friend, and I just remembered shitting my pants and thinking, ‘These guitars are the coolest sounding thing I’ve ever heard!’ I then worked my way backwards and of course fell in love with every record, including Puppets.

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I was mostly listening to punk, hardcore and rock at this time, so this was my real first love with the metal sound. The riffs were so damn good, it made me want to pick up guitar a few years later and start learning a lot of their songs. It was James‘ down picking, man… sounded so mean and aggressive. It’s still one of the best sounds in the entire fucking world.” – Adam Dutkiewicz, Killswitch Engage

“If it weren’t for Metallica, Trivium would not exist. I wouldn’t be a guitar player, a singer, into metal, probably not into all the other things in life that I love (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Ashtanga yoga, food, games). The first band I ever tried out for was a pop punk band, and I didn’t make it in; when I first ever heard The Black Album by Metallica, I then knew what I was meant to play.

Practicing ceaselessly, I strived to be able to copy the sounds I heard, then I got good enough to try out for the local band Trivium. Getting into Metallica, I soon quickly went forwards and backwards throughout their catalogue investigating everything they had put out. Master Of Puppets is the record that showed me everything Metallica was on one album.

If only one Metallica record could be shown to someone, Master not only summarizes all the ranges of sound Metallica excels at (from slow and melodic, to fast and brutal); it also encapsulates everything that had done in the past, present, and hinting at what was to come in the future. The Black Album got me into metal, and Master Of Puppets showed me what can be done with metal.” – Matthew Kiichi Heafy, Trivium

Master of Puppets was originally released in 1986. Back then, my brother and I started picking up radio station cut out LPs from a local record store. This album was one of them. A year or so prior we acquired Ride The Lightning in the same fashion and my young mind was blown away.

In my opinion Master of Puppets is an incredible record and a near perfect metal album. Back then, its aggression appealed to my adolescent brain, and its orchestral like melody and harmony grabbed me unlike anything before it. It may have been the time and place, but to this day no album has had that kind of first listen impact on me.

Though I never had a connection to later albums as I did this one, it cemented their place in my heart as visionaries. They may have not invented the heavy metal wheel, but they sharpened it into a near perfect instrument. R.I.P. Cliff.” – Jacob Bannon, Converge

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