Otep Shamaya & Heidi Shepherd

Butcher Babies’ Heidi Shepherd Says Beef With Otep Only Exists In Otep’s Head


Earlier this year Otep frontwoman Otep Shamaya appeared on Jamey Jasta‘s ‘The Jasta Show and spoke openly about her beef with Butcher Babies vocalist Heidi Shepherd. Among her issues with Shepherd were Butcher Babies‘ alleged drug abuse on a tour the two bands did together. Specifically she accused the Butcher Babies of doing cocaine and partying hard on that tour and that the band took offense that she would not partake.

According to Shamaya, Butcher Babies later wrote a song called “Dead Poet” about her and Shepherd also slammed her on YouTube. As part of her appearance on the aforementioned podcast Shamaya threatened to beat up Shepherd, stating on the podcast:

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“…If I see her I’m going to give her the option of like ‘do you want your jaw broken or your ribs broken? Just let me know which your sugar daddy can fix easier.'”

Appearing recently on The Metal Podcast, Shepherd addressed Shamaya‘s beef:

“I think the beef exists in her head. It was pretty funny, I got some good belly laughs about that. There’s no story. That’s the funny thing—it was all freaking made up. There’s no story. It’s stupid. It’s so stupid. It’s beyond stupid. I mean, I’ve seen her so many times over the past couple of years and not one thing has been said. I watched her set from side stage at ‘Knotfest‘, where she said she confronted me, I watched her set from side stage, [and] she didn’t say a word to me.”

As for the drug abuse accusations, she offered: “Not only that, but I haven’t done cocaine since I was twenty-two… Honestly, it’s such a waste talking about it, ’cause it’s just so dumb.” Later speaking of the camaraderie of women in metal, she offered:

“The rest of us girls, we all get along really well. We’ve created this really unique bond between all of us. We all get along so well, and we’re all really good friends. I mean, I don’t know any other girl in this industry that I don’t get along with. Even if I haven’t met [some of the girls in the industry], we’ll like each other’s stuff on Instagram and comment, ’cause we’re all just really supportive of each other.

Why have this cheerleader-type beef? It just makes absolutely no sense. I don’t think that that is something that young girls need to see—two metal singers beefing. Leave that to the pop stars. It’s just silly.”

Regarding the threats of violence, she later added: “She knows where I live, so if she wants to come break my jaw, she knows where I live. It’s kind of stupid.” When asked About why she didn’t respond to Otep‘s comments, she offered:

“Why I would respond? More hate? It’s just silly…. I’m not gonna fuel the hatred. To be honest, it doesn’t make her look good, and it wouldn’t make me look good, ’cause I fueled it. So it’s just not something that I care to really be a part of. I’m not sitting here bashing her. I don’t hate her as a person. I don’t have an opinion of her.”

She later said that she remains a fan of Otep‘s music:

“I grew up listening to Otep… When we got that tour, I was, like, ‘Yeah!’ I was so excited. First off, it was our first tour in the States. We had toured in Europe and the U.K. with Fozzy before that, but this was our first tour in the States. So I was super pumped. So I’ve always been a fan of the music.”

Interestingly Butcher Babies met their current drummer Chase Brickenden when he was playing on that very tour with Otep as part of Otep‘s band.

[via Blabbermouth]

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