Five Finger Death Punch's Jeremy Spencer

Five Finger Death Punch’s Drummer To Idea Of Greatest Hits Set: “Do We Even Have Enough Hits?”


Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer was recently interviewed by Razor 94.7 and spoke about the band’s upcoming greatest hits set, “A Decade Of Destruction“, which will be released on December 01st. The set and an already completed new album are part of a deal to settle a legal dispute with their soon to be former label, Prospect Park.

Spencer was leery to the concept of a greatest hits release at first, offering: “I was like ‘Do we even have enough hits?’ And then we looked and we have like 13 or 15 radio hits.”

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He continued:

“It just seems like it just started even though it’s been 10 years. We’re always wrapped up in our vacuum in our cocoon of our daily life. So you don’t pay attention to that stuff and now we’re like ‘we have a greatest hits.’ And the label thought it was the right time. So we were like ‘Cool, let’s put some new songs on it though.’ We don’t wanna make… cause people can pretty much… ya know they have the records already. But now this is a cool package with different stuff on it. The artwork’s really rad on it. It’s cool.”

Five Finger Death Punch certainly have no shortage of sales awards. Their albums “Way Of The Fist“, “American Capitalist“, “The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell, Volume 1“, “The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell, Volume 2” and “Got Your Six” have all been certified gold in the United States. Meanwhile, “War Is The Answer” and their cover of Bad Company‘s “Bad Company” have both been certified platinum.

Listen to “Rockcast at Aftershock – Jeremy Spencer of Five Finger Death Punch” on Spreaker.

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