This Is The Worst Trivium Song According To The Band Themselves


Trivium have revealed the least favorite song they have written via a discussion with Metal Injection. The band’s core trio of vocalist/guitarist Matt Heafy, guitarist Corey Beaulieu and bassist Paolo Gregoletto spoke on the matter, offering:

Paolo Gregoletto: “I’d probably go with ‘The Rising‘. That was sort of like a last minute thing when we were doing ‘The Crusade‘ and what pisses me off about the song is that it kicked off another song that I liked way more: ‘Broken One.’

We were in a weird point. I think when we had song ‘Anthem‘ written for ‘The Crusade‘. I remember we were all kinda talking and I was really excited about the song.

And I think there was maybe a suggestion about, ‘Hey, try something like ‘Anthem‘, maybe get another song like that.’ It really wasn’t a cohesive idea of what the record was gonna be… It was a follow-up to something that we never had to follow-up.”

Matt Heafy: “That record taught us a lot. It taught a lot of things things. We actually went through and realized, ‘Let’s not do that again.’ Like writing during ‘writing time.’ Like having a set amount of time we’re allowed to write, and a set amount of time we had to go to the studio.

That’s what ‘The Crusade‘ was, during a very dysfunctional point of our band. There are several songs that I wish… that I feel are kind of incomplete. I might go with ‘The Rising‘ as well.”

Corey Beaulieu: “The ideas were there, but I think we didn’t have enough time to fully realize the songs. So listening to song was like, ‘Yeah, we shouldn’t have done that,’ or if we had more time it probably wouldn’t have ended up that way.”

The band’s new album “The Sin And The Sentence” arrived in stores today, October 20th.