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Quicksand Members On Tom Capone: “He’s In A Better Place Than Being On A Tour Bus With Us”


Quicksand vocalist/guitarist Walter Schreifels and bassist Sergio Vega were recent guests on ‘2 Hours With Matt Pinfield‘ and spoke of the current status of their guitarist Tom Capone. Capone exited the band’s latest U.S. tour after being arrested for stealing 43 items at a CVS in Phoenix, AZ. Schreifels said of how Capone is doing now:

“I would say that he’s in a better place than being on a tour bus with us. I think, it’s probably… Not for me to really comment on that I know what he should or should not be doing. But it was a struggle for all of us and we just really don’t want to get into too much dirty laundry about it, because he’s our friend and we love him.”

Vega added:

“He’s a really, really good guy. And there’s a lot of pressure and stressors on tour and there’s a lot of things and you know, there’s a lot of downtime. It’s not… You know it’s fun and it’s an easy thing to do. But it’s an easy thing to do when you don’t have things that you kind of like addressing and working on…”

The band are gearing up to release their first new album since 1995, “Interiors“, out on November 10th on Epitaph.

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