Mastodon’s Brann Dailor Has Ranked The Band’s Records


Mastodon drummer/vocalist Brann Dailor has participated in Noisey‘s ‘Rank Your Records’ series, which in this instance finds him personally rating the band’s catalog. See below for a flat list of his choices and head over to Noisey to see explanations from Dailor for each.

08. “Call Of The Mastodon
07. “The Hunter
06. “Remission
05. “Once More ‘Round The Sun
04. “Emperor Of Sand
03. “Blood Mountain
02. “Leviathan
01. “Crack The Skye

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If you’re curious as to why “The Hunter” placed so low, it seems it was more for the circumstances making it, as Dailor described:

“It was tough. It was just hard to concentrate with that record, to be honest with you. It was right when we started really getting into writing for that record, Bill told us he was going to leave and go to rehab. And Brent‘s brother had just died. And so the state of things, it wasn’t really that great, personally. Brent was not in a great spot, mentally.

So the mood was heavy to begin with. To get through that whole time period, we had to keep things, I guess, as light as possible in the practice space. So with a lot of the songs we decided to forgo the concept album. It was almost a backlash against ourselves. We just had done about two years of touring, ‘Crack the Skye‘ and very involved, proggy song structures and really dense writing. And so we just didn’t dig a lot deeper past certain songs.

With a song like ‘Blasteroid,’ we kind of put it all together and it was fun to write and it was fun to play, and we said, ‘That’s it. We’re not going to go any further with that song. That one’s done. Next song… OK, that one’s done.’ So we tried to not go down any crazy wormholes and get frustrated in the practice space because mentally it just wasn’t possible, especially for Brent. We needed it to be a happier place. I still love that record and I could put it at number one if it needed to be.”

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