Killswitch Engage

Killswitch Engage In The Studio For New Album


As they’ve been documenting over the weekend on their social media accounts, Killswitch Engage have been in the studio lately working on music for their next album. A 2018 release is expected with more details to come.

Mike D laying down the bass! #KillswitchEngage #Kse @darkicondesign

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The "odd couple" putting in work. Adam D has a way to balance out my hyper chaotic creative mind. I come in with a ton of ideas and he organizes, tweaks and modifies them just a touch here and there. I really enjoy working with him, it's just easy. Hell sometimes there are no words exchanged we just know when it's working or not. I wouldn't be the song writer or vocalist I am today with out his wisdom of music and theory. Dude is on some next level, very grateful to be able to work with him through the years. Rad new KSE track just about done. It's a single so it'll be out sooner than waiting for a record to be competed… however it's still a wait so as the kids say, the hype is real!" Ha ha ha stoked for this beast of a song! #PuttingInWork #KillswitchEngage #AdamD #JesseLeach #CookingUpABeastInTheLab #Kse

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