Emmure & Hatebreed Vocalists Comment On Decapitated’s Gang Rape Accusations


When the initial news broke of Decapitated facing potential charges of kidnapping in the first degree, two of their peers, Emmure frontman Frankie Palmeri and Hatebreed vocalist Jamey Jasta, both spoke on the matter. In light of yesterday’s revelation that the band have now been accused of gang raping a female on their tour bus, both have commented once again.

Palmeri originally showed support for the band, stating that he felt the then kidnapping charge to be bullshit. In a series of tweets made today (September 12th) he has since stated via Twitter:

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“Already feel the Twitter fingers activating. I wasn’t aware of any rape charges in the Spokane case till just now. Very heinous if true.”

“To be fair, ‘kidnapping’ I considered a far cry from what could be grounded in reality for a touring band. It’s a shame what’s playing out.”

“Also I’m not a politician, police officer or lawyer, so please don’t SJW trigger pleb me in to oblivion because I’m a civilian with opinions”

When it was pointed out by a fan that a rape kit was done on the alleged victim of the gang rape, Palmeri replied:

“Good! I believe in justice. Rape is a unforgivable crime as is false persecution.”

“I can say anything and everything I WANT about bands,touring, groupies the whole 9. I am NOT defending rape. You fucking idiots.”

He finished up his series of tweets by donating to anti-sexual violence organization RAINN.

Jasta on the other hand, who had previously been tweeting “#freedecapitated”, has since replied to a fan in light of the rape accusations:

Decapitated currently remain in a Los Angeles county jail awaiting extradition to Spokane, WA. Their lawyer says the band plan to fight all the allegations brought against them.

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