Tim Commerford

Rage Against The Machine’s Tim Commerford Says Trump And Those Who Voted For Him Are “Racists”


Rage Against The Machine/Prophets Of Rage bassist Tim Commerford isn’t known for subtlety when it comes to expressing himself. Speaking recently with TMZ after being accosted in an airport, he went on to mention that racism is the current biggest problem in the United States. When asked about the apparent approaching end of DACA, he stated it was because he feels that U.S. President Donald Trump is a racist, while also painting those who voted for him with the same brush:

“Because our president is a racist, he’s a racist. And whoever voted for him is a racist. Anyone who voted for him is a racist, he’s a racist. And as a racist who voted for a racist, you have an opportunity to make it right and admit that you made the wrong decision.”

He later said that those who voted for Trump should come out and say: “I fucked up, I voted… You know, that’s what they should say. They should admit that they voted for a racist and that’s how they can make it right.”

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