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Core 10 (Ex-Korn) On Negativity: “Not Everyone Will Like What You Put Out”


Core 10, who notably feature ex-Korn drummer David Silveria among their lineup, have been met with a decidedly mixed reaction since announcing themselves to the world earlier this year. Their recent teaser for their upcoming “Unforgotten” music video was certainly no different. The band recently hit their Facebook to discuss that:

We just want to say thank you to everyone.
“Create with no fear.”
Is kinda our anthem, it’s seriously a trip when you put yourself out there.
There has been a lot of love as of late.
We also have experienced our first hired troll.
Commenting on every page we are on,
With the same comment ever time.
We have decided to tell you about this, so that when you decide to put yourself out there.
You will be aware,and understand what can happen.
Believe in yourself, and your art.
It’s a world of opinion, remember be confident.
Not everyone will like what you put out.
Which is absolutely okay.
You can’t force anyone to like you, or what you do.
Believe in yourself, and your vision.
Push on,

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The full video for “Unforgotten” will arrive on September 15th.

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