Pro-Pain’s Gary Meskil Describes Brutal Beating And Robbery That Nearly Took His Life


Pro-Pain vocalist/bassist Gary Meskil has spoken out about the robbery and beating he sustained while on tour in Brussels, Belgium earlier this month. Meskil told Gazet Van Antwerpen:

“Last Monday, I went out with Adam in Brussels. Adam returned to the hotel in the Stalingradlaan in the centre of Brussels, and I went for a beer in a bar nearby, around midnight. At the table next to me, there were some young guys and we started talking. It was all very friendly. Just a nice chat. After a while, I went to the bartender to pay my bill. When I returned, two of the guys I had talked to bumped into me. Then I realized that they took my wallet. I confronted them and they start hitting me. They got help from four others. They used an ice pick to hit me on the head. They kept on kicking me after I had fallen to the ground.”

He added:

“They robbed me of a lot of money: the fees of several shows. I lost eighty percent of my blood. The doctors said that I was lucky to make it. They even had to remove glass from my eyes, because they kicked the glasses I was wearing. My jaw is broken, and I will need multiple surgeries. I don’t know when I will be able to sing again. It can take weeks, possibly even months.”

At least one of the assailants has been arrested by authorities. A crowdfunding campaign is underway for Meskil‘s continued medical expenses over at Gofundme.

[via Blabbermouth]

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