Five Finger Death Punch

Five Finger Death Punch Comment On New Album & Lawsuit, First Footage With Tommy Vext Shared


Five Finger Death Punch‘s Jason Hook and Jeremy Spencer were recently questioned by Kerrang! about the ongoing legal battle they are locked in with their former label Prospect Park during their appearance at the annual ‘Download Festival‘ this past weekend.

If you’re just catching up, the label previously filed suit against the band, alleging they were rushing out subpar music in a bid to get out of their contract, while also ignoring the addiction issues of their singer Ivan Moody.

At the time the band refuted the claims and later filed a $1,000,000 suit against the label, accusing them of attempting to hold the band hostage while allegedly shopping the label to other perspective buyers.

During the same period of time, the band signed a new record deal with Rise Records. While it remains unclear, it has been thought that the band will be contractually obligated to commit to a proper touring/promotional cycle behind the final album on their Prospect Park contract.

When asked of the status of the album and the lawsuit, drummer Jeremy Spencer offered:

“We have a new record. It’s been done for several months. And we’re tied up in a lawsuit with our label. So we can’t release it because we’re being sued for some reason which I don’t even really understand why. He’s [Jeff Kwatinetz] trying to jam us up so we can’t leave the label. But he’s going to lose and once we get that sorted out the record will come out.”

Guitarist Jason Hook added:

“…We highly recommend that the owner of the label [Prospect Park] Jeff Kwatinetz… He’s the one who is making the decision to not release the record. He’s had it since December 31st. So if anyone out there wants to get in touch with him.”

Spencer: “Look him up, Jeff Kwatinetz at Prospect Park. Find a way to get to him and tell him you want to hear the record.”

Hook: “Ask him why he’s suing us cause we’re not sure. When you find out maybe let us know.”

They went on to say that the album has a name but they aren’t yet ready to reveal it. They also said that the legal setbacks aren’t really stopping the band:

Hook: “It really doesn’t affect us at all. I mean we’re touring now, making a lot of money. And there’s no… But the thing is, we’re never going to stop working. We’re workaholics and we have our fanbase. And if that record has to sit with him for five years, it won’t matter. We have a new label and we have a new deal and we’ll continue to make records with that label and he can release that when he feels like it.”

When asked if they were able to record more material despite the legal entanglement, Hook replied:

“We will be preparing all the time. Nobody can tell you that you can’t record or you can’t write. We’re doing it anyway and we can afford to pay for it too.”

Hook also mentioned that the band plan to begin playing some songs from the new record that is currently in limbo. The interview was of course conducted prior to frontman the band’s disastorous Tilburg, NET show.

Earlier today it was announced that frontman Ivan Moody had once again fallen off the wagon and would be heading home while Bad Wolves frontman Tommy Vext would be filling in at the band’s immediate live shows.

Fan-filmed footage from his first set with the band today at the ‘Nova Rock Festival‘ in Austria can be seen below:

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