Five Finger Death Punch in Tilburg

Video Footage Of Ivan Moody’s Apparent Final Set With Five Finger Death Punch Available


More footage of Five Finger Death Punch‘s troubled set last night, June 12th, at the 013 in Tilburg, NET has surfaced online. That show saw frontman Ivan Moody declare it was his last show with the band. As you can see below there was numerous problems, including apparent tension between frontman Ivan Moody guitarist Jason Hook, who can at one point be seen throwing down his guitar and walking off stage mid-song. Earlier in the set Moody addressed his tardiness in missing the first couple minutes of the show, which Tommy Vext filled in on:

“I wanna take a minute. Everybody has all these rumors about me, guess what? I was a little bit late, I’m sorry. But there is no other singer for Five Finger Death Punch. You guys wanna show em why? Then let’s wash it all away.”

Moody also at one point in the set brings out Vext again, saying: “Here’s the deal. Somebody lied to me tonight. Where’s Tommy at? He was not supposed to be onstage. I love this guy, I really do. So, this next song is all you.” Moody then exited the stage with Vext publicly questioning which song he was about to perform (it turned out to be the band’s cover of “Bad Company“.)

After that and another brief break, Moody returned to the stage, stating: “You guys wanna help me sing a song? Because I’ll let you know ahead of time. This is my last show with Five Finger Death Punch.” The band then launched into “Jekyll And Hyde“.

After another break where the band exited the stage, Moody returned onstage and offered: “Can I ask you guys something? Do you want this to be my last show with Five Finger Death Punch?” He then led the crowd in chanting his name while guitarist Jason Hook can be seen giving the crowd a thumbs down when they do so.

Later after yet another break, Moody returned to the stage alone, singing by himself without the band. Following a proper song performance, the band exited with Moody later once again returning alone for another solo performance.  Prior to the band’s final song of the night, Moody, offered:

“Before we start this next song—because I know it’s going to be all over the internet—Jason is one of the greatest guitar players on earth. And I’m lucky enough to have Jeremy, Zoltan and Chris on my team. So give them a round [of applause.] But from me to all of you, this is the first song I ever wrote with Five Finger and I called it “The Bleeding“.

At around 57 minutes into the video immediately below, Moody can also be seen clutching at his right ear repeatedly, wincing in pain during the performance of that song, which turned out to be the band’s final track of the night.

Moody left the stage before the rest of the band as that song came to an end. The rest of the group talked to the crowd a bit before bassist/vocalist Chris Kael thanked the audience and told them the band would be back.

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