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Erra Premiere “Skyline” Music Video


Erra have released a colorful new music video for “Skyline” off their latest album “Drift” below. debuted the video and are also running a new interview with the band, who commented of the “Skyline” video in particular:

“Since the song centers around the feeling of loneliness people can feel in crowded environments, we wanted the video to have a piece of us in it to give it a personal touch.

All of the psychedelic colors and shots of us walking around outside were taken inside of a tunnel in Birmingham, Alabama, where the band is based out of.

This tunnel has really cool lights that change colors. Our friend Aaron Marsh, who shot the video, was able to get slow and sped-up shots of these lights changing color and was able to make a collage of colors and psychedelic images with the footage.

The rest of the b-side footage of the cityscapes and buildings were taken in Atlanta.”

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