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Converge’s Jacob Bannon Speaks Of The Band’s “Powerful” New Album


Converge frontman Jacob Bannon shared a few thoughts on the band’s forthcoming new album, which they recently began recording. Eighteen songs are being laid down during those sessions with Bannon telling

“It’s a Converge record, just like every other record—which I say because people usually ask if there’s some type of creative slurb, which like, no. We’ve been a band for a million years. What we do is what we do. Right now, I’m just excited because I find what we wrote to be very powerful because—I really believe this, and I don’t know if other artists look at it this way—I just want to do things that are creatively fulfilling. As long as it’s a progression of something we did previously, then we’re doing something good.”

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If all goes according to plan the album should arrive sometime later this fall.

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