The Faceless

Promoter Slams The Faceless For Cancelled Australian/New Zealand Tour (Updated)


Update – May 11th 12:43pm:

The band’s now former manager EJ Shannon has commented on the matter, you can find his statement here.

Original Story:

Soundworks Touring have called out The Faceless for cancelling their Australian/New Zealand Tour. The promoters ripped into the band and their camp with the following statement:

“Due to complete incompetency by the band and their management, and with a total lack of respect for Soundworks Touring, and more importantly their fans, THE FACELESS have this morning officially cancelled their entire Australian and New Zealand tour. Over the past week we have been continuously lied to, misled and left in the dark as to the whereabouts of the band since their first scheduled appearance on May 9th.

We at Soundworks Touring have done everything in our power to bring the band here for these shows, but THE FACELESS have been completely unprofessional in their behaviour and this cancellation is 100% solely their doing.

To any disgruntled fans who wish to voice their opinion on this matter, we at Soundworks Touring are more than willing to put you in direct contact with the band and their management so they can address your questions. In the meantime feel free to express yourself on the bands official facebook page.

We apologise to fans for the cancellation and wholeheartedly share your disappointment, but as mentioned previously, this has been 100% out of our control. The rest of the tour package will continue as is and we hope you still enjoy the amazing show THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, PUTRID PILE, WHORETOPSY and UNRAVEL are displaying.

Yours in all sincerity, Brad and Dysie, Soundworks Touring.”

The Faceless were supposed to be out this week with The Black Dahlia Murder, Putrid Pile, Whoretopsy and Unravel on the following remaining dates:

05/11 Brisbane, AUS – Max Watts
05/12 Sydney, AUS – Manning Bar
05/13 Melbourne, AUS – Corner Hotel

2016 saw the band exit a tour with Between The Buried And Me and more due to lineup instability.

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