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Motionless In White’s Chris Motionless Speaks Of Nü Metal Influence On “Graveyard Shift”


Motionless In White vocalist Chris Motionless is proud of the nü metal influence that is featured throughout their upcoming new album, “Graveyard Shift“. Roadrunner Records have that album slated for a release this coming Friday, May 05th. Speaking with Metal Insider, he said of the matter:

“It’s so funny that you say there’s a whole generation of people that weren’t around for the first round of it, the big years of it at least, and it sounds new to them. I just assume that people have listened to Korn and bands in that time period that we really like, and Korn is still a very popular band, but I think people know their old songs very well and I’m just happy to carry on the style of music that we like and in some ways I think that there’s more than nü metal found in some of these songs.

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There is a very present influence on a lot of the tracks and I think it’s awesome. I think Korn is clearly still a massive band for a reason and their new record is doing really well for a reason. Clearly Limp Bizkit could go play a venue and sell it out no problem because people still really enjoy that stuff. They really enjoy those bands, and if there aren’t a lot of bands doing it now, those kind of bands might be hungry for that style in a new form and here we are to provide some of that for them.”

The band just launched an official stream of “Rats” from the aforementioned record, which you can stream here.

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