Phil Anselmo Has Found An Unfinished Pantera Track That The Band Scrapped


Phil Anselmo has recently stated that he found an unfinished track from his former band Pantera that he never laid down vocals for. Asked if the group still had any unreleased material in their vaults by Capital Chaos TV, Anselmo responded:

“That’s interesting because I did find a track I cannot make heads or tails out of and I know it’s the guys… But, I never did vocals over the top of it and I’m sure back in the day there was good reason for it, it doesn’t really do much, it’s like, riffs back & forth and that’s that, so it must’ve been just a… I guess, a mulling type of idea that had gone on, either we put it to bed or just moved on because truthfully Pantera there really was not that much unreleased material laying around, there really wasn’t we used almost everything that we… um, would come up with I guess you know?”

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