3TEETH Debut “Shutdown” Music Video


3TEETH have released a video for their new single “Shutdown” off of their forthcoming album “<shutdown.exe>“. That opus is headed for a May 19th release on OMF Records. Vocalist Alexis Mincolla said of the clip:

“Sometimes I see these talking heads spewing their knee-jerk dogma all over the TV and all I can think is how fun it would be to just slip a hit of acid in their morning coffee.”

Current live dates include:

05/26 Silverado, CA – Blackest of the Black Festival
05/27 Kansas City, MO – Electro Fest
06/03 Milwaukee, WI – Sanctuary Festival
06/25 Wantagh, NY – Jones Beach Theater (feat. Rammstein)
07/28 Calgary, AB – Terminus Festival

[via Metal Injection]