Mastodon's Brent Hinds

Mastodon’s Brent Hinds Had Some Fun Of His Own With A Judas Priest April Fools Post


Recently Mastodon vocalist/guitarist Brent Hinds shared his controversial opinion that Judas Priest are not a ‘metal band.’ Instead he asserted that they were “hard rock n’ roll.” Yesterday being April Fools, Metal Insider cooked up this story, which alleged that Hinds‘ comments caused Rob Halford and his bandmates to reconsider their role as ‘metal gods.’

Hinds himself saw the story, sharing it on Instagram and made it an April Fools day joke of his own. You can see that post below:

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He later fessed up to being in on the joke to the article’s writer, Zach Shaw, in the comments on the post:

“believe it or not I have a since of humor .jokes on all of you guys out there in the IG world…”

While Hinds was in the on the joke, a surprising portion of those who commented on the post certainly were not.

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