Hell Or Highwater

Hell Or Highwater (Atreyu) Debut “I Want It All” Music Video


Hell Or Highwater (Atreyu) have debuted a music video for their new single, “I Want It All“. Frontman Brandon Saller commented:

“This video was fun to make. For the most part it’s all one shot, so we had a blast. Best of all we got to keep the car and the money… which was nice.

The song ponders success, and the idea of whether it’s deserved or not. You get fed up, feel it’s your time, and go for it. That’s how we look at music. Think of it like the, ‘If you build it, they will come ’philosophy. You’re saying, ‘It’s my time to shine.'”

The group’s new album “Vista” is headed for a May 19th release date.

[via Revolver]

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