Ray Luzier On Korn Being Nü Metal: “I Don’t Know What That Is”


Korn, etc. drummer Ray Luzier doesn’t subscribe to the band being labeled as nü metal, in fact, he’s apparently not entirely sure what nü metal is. Speaking recently with Linea Rock, he was asked if he considers the group to be a nü metal band, to which he replied:

“To me, I don’t know what that is. Anyone could make a style up. I don’t know… all of these emo [bands], I don’t get it. To me, Korn is Korn. It’s its own thing. It’s hard rock, it’s metal, it’s hip-hop, it’s funk…all of this stuff wrapped into one. It’s not just aggressive metal music. I can’t call it metal, but hard rock doesn’t fit either. It’s Korn. It’s the style. [Laughs]”

Given that Luzier joined in 2007 and wasn’t behind the kit during the band’s salad days of tracksuits and such, that’s understandable. If you missed it, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis also recently weighed in with his issues on Korn being called a ‘metal’ band.

[via Blabbermouth]

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