Hundred Suns

Hundred Suns (Norma Jean, Etc.) Finishing Up Debut Album


Cory Brandan Putman (also of Norma Jean) has provided the following update regarding the vocal recording sessions for their debut album. As he details below, health issues derailed the initial vocal sessions for the album, which have led to this week’s sessions with Beau Burchell of Saosin handling the production duties. Former members of Everytime I Die and Dead And Divine join Putman in the group, who crowdfunded $23,320 USD for the effort. The below update was shared on the album this past weekend:

“Next week I’ll be in Hollywoodland finishing vocals for the @hundredsunsmusic debut with @beauburchell. I’m getting really excited to get this sucker wrapped up. If you’re interested, here’s an extended update on whats going on with HS:

At the beginning of January, I met up for a week with @jeremy_sh_griffith to start vocals for the @hundredsunsmusic record. I lasted three days and four songs before I shredded my voice and had to stop. Lots of touring, being sick, and not having enough rest caught up with me and I blew it. I was devastated! I was actually pretty angry about it and it’s been a huge weight on me the last month. I can’t even explain how angry with myself I was and how bad of a mood it put me in. You didn’t want to be around me those days. Sorry to my band mates and everyone that had direct contact with me during that two week or so period. I’m a perfectionist and I beat the shit out of myself when I can’t do something.

Then, due to some scheduling conflicts, we couldn’t finish with Jeremy and we had to do some scrambling to find a new studio with someone we trusted. It just so happened that Beau was available, who we had wanted to work with as well! He and Jeremy are super tight and it just seemed to make sense; like it was all meant to work out this way anyway. I’m a believer in things like that so I was super ready to roll and booked my flight, hotel and everything and dived right in. Having this break also gave me some more time to focus on the overall theme of the record and lyrics, and I am even more amped to get into this.

There are a lot of great minds going into this record. Trust me that @chismelasters, @legsleger and I are working very hard to finish it and there are lots more exciting announcements to come. Talk to you all soon. – Cory

P.S. Shout out to @redbeard639 and Sennheiser / Neumann for backing everything I do. I am very lucky to have such a amazing group of people and good friends making great mics and believing in what I do. The mic I’m using on this record, pictured here, is a Neumann U47 FET collectors edition. I’m in love with it.”

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