Metallica & Lady Gaga

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Speaks Of “Clusterfuck” Performance With Lady Gaga & James Hetfield’s Frustration


Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich appeared as one of the guests on ‘The Late Late Show With James Corden‘ last night and in part discussed the technical issues that plagued the first minute or so of their performance with Lady Gaga at this year’s Grammys. Speaking in particular of frontman/guitarist James Hetfield‘s visible frustration with his mic not working for part of the performance, Ulrich said:

“We get off stage, we get back there and I haven’t seen him like that in twenty years—he was livid. I mean he’s aged really well and he’s a pretty chill guy, but the first five or ten minutes in that dressing room was not a lot of fun.”

Ulrich further told Entertainment Weekly of the collaboration:

“From where I was sitting it was so chaotic—you know, firewalls and dancers, and James’ mic not working for the first verse—I mean, the whole thing was such a clusterfuck. There was just this totally energetic, crazy—it was just energy and excitement and nuttiness. So her [Gaga] right in my face just added to the whole exhilarating energy that was happening for those five minutes. It was awesome.”