Metallica & Lady Gaga

Here’s Footage Of Metallica & Lady Gaga’s Performance Without The Mic Issues


The plot thickens for the technical issues that plagued Metallica & Lady Gaga‘s collaborative performance at the 59th annual Grammys this past weekend. Romanian Metallica fan site RoLoad have shared the below footage of the performance in which Metallica frontman James Hetfield‘s vocals are clearly audible.

The site explain that this particular footage was captured from an international webcast of the event and that only the TV broadcast was apparently messed up. While one might guess that audio from another live performance was edited in after the fact, It is worth noting that the CBS watermark is absent on this latest footage.

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Of course it would appear that Hetfield himself still couldn’t hear his vocals while performing, as he soon shared a mic with Gaga until the problem was fixed and was seen angrily throwing his guitar to a tech at the end of the song.

A spokesperson for the Recording Academy, who organize the annual awards show, told Pitchfork of the snafu: “What we believe happened was that either a dancer or an extra clipped the line running on the floor and it unplugged at the base of the mic.” This of course would conflict with a previous report from TMZ, which suggested a stagehand’s mistake was to blame. The Academy’s explanation also seems at odds with the below footage itself, but that could be another matter altogether.

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