The Faceless

The Faceless’ New Singer Has Finally Been Confirmed


Nestled in a press release of Abigail Williams‘ new label deal comes official confirmation of the band’s Ken Sorceron having been tapped as the latest vocalist for The Faceless. The passage of note refers largely to Abigail Williams‘ new album and reads as follows:

“In addition to being one of the main vinyl engineers for Blood Music releases (having remastered everything from Perturbator to Ihsahn to Ensiferum), Sorceron is also currently finishing up vocal duties on the new The Faceless album and will be joined again by Jeff Wilson (Abigail WilliamsThe Accuser,” Wolvhammer, Chrome Waves, ex-Nachtmystium).”

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To clear up any confusion, the mention of Wilson refers to the new Abigail Williams effort. Sorceron has long been rumored to have been chosen as the new vocalist for The Faceless after having played some shows with them last year. However, until now, there hasn’t been much for an official confirmation of his role in the band.

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