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Obituary Detail New Self-Titled Album, Tease “It Lives”


Obituary‘s new album will be a self-titled release and arrive in stores on March 17th through Relapse. The band recorded the effort at their own home studio and pre-orders for it are available now at Below you can find the details for the effort as well as a teaser of the new track “It Lives” it.

Obituary - Obituary

01 – “Brave
02 – “Sentence Day
03 – “Lesson In Vengeance
04 – “End It Now
05 – “Kneel Before Me
06 – “It Lives
07 – “Betrayed
08 – “Turned To Stone
09 – “Straight To Hell
10 – “Ten Thousand Ways To Die

The band will be touring behind the effort on this year’s ‘Decibel Magazine Tour‘ alongside Kreator, Midnight and Horrendous.