TriviumJonpaul Douglass

Trivium Rumored To Have Replaced Their Drummer


Here’s an interesting rumor, Blabbermouth are reporting that Trivium are said to have parted ways with their latest drummer Paul Wandtke and replaced him with Alex Bent (Dragonlord, ex-Battlecross, etc.). No official word has come down on the matter as of yet however. If the rumors turn out to be true, this would make Bent the band’s fifth drummer, putting them into ‘Spinal Tap‘ territory.

Interestingly, Wandtke is currently working on an “original project” and is seeking a vocalist for it, sharing the following:

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“I’m currently looking for a badass vocalist for an original project, listen to a sample of the music here! I have like 4-5 albums worth of material that’s near and dear to my heart. I’d love to work with a male vocalist that has a tenor range that’s pretty self sufficient with melodic and lyrical content (but we can collaborate too etc etc). I’m starting this project for the fun of it and for the sake of releasing music online, and if it gets serious; sick! If not, well then at least we made kickass music and shit. Email for more info”

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