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James “Munky” Shaffer Says He Used To Hate Korn Being Called “Nü-Metal”


Korn guitarist James “Munky” Shaffer has revealed that he originally hated the band being labeled nü-metal. He told Full Metal Jackie on a recent episode of ‘Whiplash‘ in the below interview:

“I think it’s difficult to put us in a category, and I think, in the beginning, that’s why somebody, whoever it was–some European journalist–said, ‘We don’t know what to call these guys, so we’re gonna call it ‘nu metal,’ you know? So I think that’s where that term came from.

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There’s so many elements that influence us, and we’ve tried to incorporate different melodies and different structures and rhythmic elements, and that all comes from just each of our personalities, I think. I think to the general public, you can just hear screaming and heavy metal guitars, and I think that’s where people kind of get lost. You have to be at least a rock fan to know what you’re listening to or in general. But I don’t care.”

When asked if he looked back “fondly” of the nü-metal movement, he replied:

“I think a lot of great things came out of that, and a lot of bad things. Some bands kind of emulated what we did and took it to their own avenue, and then I think a lot of bands kind of fizzled out and didn’t really use the inspiration or the art inspiring art, kind of use it as like what we did. ‘Cause we did the same thing with bands like Rage Against The Machine and Sepultura and on and on and on… Faith No More, we just used those influences and created something that fit us and our personalities.

…Like 10 years ago, if you had asked me that, I would have said I hated being put in that [category.] But now, I guess because we’ve endured such trying times and came out the other side, I feel really grateful that we are where we are.”

For more from Shaffer on Korn‘s latest album, working with producer Ross Robinson and more stream on below:

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