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Sebastian Bach Recalls A Coke & Quaalude Filled Night With Metallica & Guns N’ Roses Members


Former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach spares no embarrassing detail when it comes to recalling the excess he indulged in during his 80’s/90’s heyday via his new memoir, ‘18 And Life On Skid Row‘. got their hands on two excerpts from the book, the first detailing a cocaine and booze filled photo shoot gone wrong with Metallica. The other is an ill-fated foray into quaaludes & cocaine with Metallica‘s Lars Ulrich and Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan at the Rainbow in Hollywood, CA. You can find some of that one below:

“The next time I saw Lars was at the Rainbow in Hollywood. Duff McKagan was there, back when he still had an intact liver. This was one of the nights we were out to do some damage.

I had heard about, but had never actually seen, the legendary drug known as Quaaluds. Always in stories regaling the ’70s, there would be mention of this mysterious drug that I had never come in encounter with in my time. I heard about it and wondered about it. This night at the Rainbow would be the one and only time I have ever seen, and tried, Quaaludes.

After who knows how many hours drinking with Duff, we found ourselves somehow underneath the back corner table of the Rainbow, which has always been the best place in the world. Always open to serious rock and roll animals such as myself. The recent passing of Lemmy is just yet another marker of the end of an era. It is incredible how the Rainbow is still there today, surrounded by development, major hotels coming up all over the Sunset Strip. The Rainbow remain. This is where Joe DiMaggio got engaged to Marilyn Monroe, back when it was called The Grove. And this is your place where Sebastian, Duff and Lars did Quaaludes. Talk about Hollywood history.

You would be surprised to see the underbelly of the Rainbow. I have never been, nor have I seen since then, underneath the tables in this fine establishment. But on this night, I found myself looking up from the floor to the underside of the table. All kinds of graffiti, autograph, and of course, chewing gum, stuck all over the place. Me and Duff did a couple of bumps under there, and then came back up top. Somehow we had Quaaludes. Fuck it, let’s do Quaaludes now! Finally!

Who knows how or where we got them, but we put them into our mouths. They were big, hockey-puck-shaped pills. As the night went on, the drugs began to hit me. I became very, very, very, very, very relaxed. Very, very slow. As I was talking to Duff, I noticed the oddest thing. The shape of Duff‘s mouth was changing. He was talking, but I couldn’t really understand what he was saying. He was mumbling. I looked down at my jacket. For some reason it was wet. I look back up at Duff. He was drooling. And then I realize the same thing was happening to my face. I had lost control over the muscles in my mouth. My lips were slack-jawed. I was drooling all over myself.

This is fucked up.

As I look up, I see the laughing little heavy metal gnome known as Lars Ulrich dancing merrily around our table. He’s like a little Leprechaun, doing a pixie dance.

“Hahahahaha! Hey everybody! Live! Come and meet your heroes! It’s a dream come true!”

What the fuck was he talking about?


By this point, me and Duff were falling asleep on each other’s shoulders. Drooling on each other. Unable to speak. Drifting in and out of consciousness. Party like rock stars at the Starwood in 1977, we think.

Then we realize what Lars was up to. This little demon was talking to the fans. He had them lined up in front of our table.

“Hey everybody! Come get your picture taken!!! With a real rock star!!! Come meet Skid Row!!! Guns N’ Roses!!!”

“Heyyyyyyyy, mmmmmaaaaaannnnnn, that’ssssss nnnnot cooooooooollll, mmmaaaaaannnnn…” Click, click, click go the flash bulbs.

Lars is charging fans five dollars each to come sit next to me and Duff. To get their pictures taken with us. We are too ‘Luded out to protest. Attempting to stop this madness, we tell LLLLAAAArrsssss to stop iitttttttt, through drool, in excruciatingly slow motion.

Welcome to the Rainbow! I never did Quaaludes again.”

You can find the other excess filled excerpt from the book over at The book itself is in stores today, December 06th, and can be found on

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