Napalm Death

Napalm Death Working On New Songs, ‘Best Of’ Set Released


Taking advantage of some brief downtime from Napalm Death, frontman Mark “Barney” Greenway has joined Volbeat for their current UK tour to reprise his studio role on the track “Evelyn“. Footage of him doing just that at a recent London, England stop can be found here. As the band reveal in the below update, new material and touring opportunities are also in the works:

“been a few days back from our US tour..many thanks tot all the people that made it happen and all of the awesome bands that participated !!

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I guess its a bit of a break now for us,saying that Barny a day after his arrival got invited out onto the VOLBEAT tour to perform a song with them live every night..and Shane has some shows with Brujeria in spain in a few days but for Napalm Death its going to be a quiet couple of months..

there are though already shows being planned and tours being talked about about and new songs being written…
we will Keep you all posted


Meanwhile, the band’s previous label home of Earache Records released a ‘best of’ set by the band this Past Friday (November 25th.) Titled “The Best Of Napalm Death“, the compilation features the below track listing:

01 – “Scum
02 – “Suffer The Children
03 – “Nazi Punks Fuck Off
04 – “Breed To Breathe
05 – “The Kill
06 – “The World Keeps Turning
07 – “Hung
08 – “Greed Killing
09 – “Unfit Earth
10 – “Unchallenged Hate
11 – “Siege Of Power
12 – “Mentally Murdered
13 – “Judicial Slime
14 – “The Infiltraitor
15 – “If The Truth Be Known
16 – “From Enslavement To Obliteration
17 – “Social Sterility
18 – “Plague Rages
19 – “Cursed To Crawl
20 – “I Abstain
21 – “Lowpoint
22 – “Lucid Fairytale
23 – “Next Of Kin To Chaos
24 – “Prison Without Walls
25 – “You Suffer