Asking Alexandria

Asking Alexandria Plan To Work On New Album With Danny Worsnop


Asking Alexandria drummer James Cassells has told KFMX in the below interview that the band will be moving ahead with new music with returning frontman Danny Worsnop. He said of that:

“I think in the coming year, we’re really gonna get ourselves in the studio and start working on new material. We already have — Ben and me and the guys, we are constantly writing music; that’s a constant thing — but we are actually gonna go get in the studio with Danny, go lock ourselves away for a bit and really work on some great new material for people… We are gonna lock ourselves away.

It might take a minute, which I think that’s good. Danny‘s a busy guy — he’s got a lot of projects on at the moment. We’ve been touring pretty much constantly for a while now. Having a little bit of time to lock ourselves away, get creative, get back in that flow. So, yeah, the next year, though, is gonna be a busy year for us — not so much in the forefront, like playing shows etc., but for us as musicians, we’re gonna be in the studio, we’re gonna be in the practice space, we’re gonna working. There’s gonna be a lot of work going on, man.”

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