Cradle Of The Filth's Dani Filth

Cradle Of Filth’s Dani Filth Talks Failed Supergroup With Volbeat, Enslaved, The Cult & Gorgoroth Members


Cradle Of Filth/Devilment frontman Dani Filth recently shared some of his favorite records in a new feature over at HMV. There’s a few interesting nuggets to glean from the conversation, including his previous involvement in a Beastie Boys styled ripoff band in his youth and a shelved supergroup with members of The Cult, Gorogorth, Enslaved & Volbeat. When asked which record made him want to start a band, he offered:

“There are two prongs to this answer – firstly there was Slayer‘s Show No Mercy. I used to pretend to be Tom Araya, and used to jump around in my bedroom with a badminton racket to it! I got into Slayer really really early on, as soon as I got into heavy metal somebody gave me some Slayer and I just loved it.

Also The Beastie Boys‘ record Licensed to Ill, but only because I joined a Beastie Boys tribute band at school. We weren’t really a tribute band, we were just a copy called the Bondage Boys. We just upset the school in general because we were supposed to play the school assembly and we were a bit rude. We were just trying to be the Beastie Boys. We weren’t very good. I know someone who has recordings of it… but if he ever makes them public I will kill him!”

Meanwhile, when asked what record had his favorite title, he replied:

“I was doing a band called Temple Of The Black Moon with King from Gorgoroth, Ice Dale from Enslaved, Rob Caggiano from Anthrax (although he’s now joined Volbeat) and John Tempesta from The Cult and White Zombie – and we were working on a record.

Actually, all the drums and the bass parts are still sitting with a record label. This is my opinion, when Rob left Anthrax the manager shelved it because he didn’t want Rob being distracted from earning loads of money for it. If that makes any sense. This was only a couple of years ago that it was recorded, and it’s a brilliant album.

The working album title was ‘CNT (all that’s missing is you)’ – it would have been amazing! I don’t know if it’s ever going to see the light of day, we wrote ten songs over roughly a four-year span and they’re all amazing – in fact I want Devilment to cover all of it – it might be the only way around the problem to be fair.

The manager just sat on it. The drums have been recorded in LA, and the bass. It would probably be too late now if it ever came out, it would sound primeval by then. It was cool – really rocky. It’s got an Anthrax and The Cult meets me and Gorgoroth, plus Enslaved feeling, and the guy from Dimmu Borgir was going to do keys on it.”

For more from Dani on his choices, head to HMV.

Devilment‘s new album, “Devilment II: The Mesphisto Waltzes“, was released this past Friday, November 18th.

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