Soundgarden's Badmotorfinger Set Unboxing

Soundgarden Aim To Release New Album In Late 2017, Unbox “Badmotorfinger” Set In New Video


Below you can watch Soundgarden bassist Ben Shepherd open up the band’s elaborate 25th anniversary edition box set of their 1991 album, “Badmotorfinger“, that is due out tomorrow, November 18th. Full details on the set can be found here. Meanwhile, guitarist Kim Thayil recently talked to WRIF and had the following to say of the band’s progress with their new studio album:

“We’re shooting for late 2017. We’ve already done some writing. We have some more writing to do, and then there’s the whole studio process. Some people whip out albums in a few weeks or a few months, and Soundgarden, given our different schedules, takes a matter of months.

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We do something for a few weeks, and then come back a few months later or a month later and revisit it. So, we’re fairly attentive of what we do, so we want to make sure it has the right amount…it has precision where it needs precision. It has chaos and looseness where you want the song to be wild.

It has color where you want it to really shine. We really roll the thing over, you know. That’s our process. It’s probably because you have four different, strong opinions and four different songwriters without adding the addition of the producer. It’s definitely a fun and dynamic process.”

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