Nate Barcalow Explains Finch’s Most Recent Breakup


Now former Finch frontman Nate Barcalow appeared on Bridging The Atlantic and discussed the Finch‘s latest breakup. He told the show of how it went down:

“Summer of 2015 we started writing a new record and everything was good, we were all on the same page, everybody was stoked.

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So we in turn gave those to our management and they passed them on to label that we were on at the time. And someone at the label was saying ‘oh these are ok’ but they were skeptical so they wanted to hear us with a producer, which is kind of weird.

But we were like ‘OK, we’ll give it a shot.’ So we got this producer, who is more a co-writer, and he got involved and started getting really hands-on and writing things. He said he was into the demos that we had, but he wanted to maybe keep two or three of them, so that to me was like ‘ok you want to throw these away, that’s great…’ And write more songs like the one’s they [the other members of Finch] posted.

So then, he was really hands on and writing stuff and… Being a musician and getting in a room after being in a band for so long, being like ‘we got this handled, we can write our own music’ and having somebody be like ‘ehhh, I can do this,’ suggesting melodies to me and picking up instruments and writing parts for people, I can’t do that.

It’s just not who I am. So we did two songs with him and after that I was like ‘I don’t wanna work with this guy, can’t do it.’ And the band was like ‘oh alright, that’s cool, we don’t have to work with him.’ But they continued to work with him, they went out there a couple times without me and kept working with him.

So I was like whatever, I guess we’ll come back to the demos whenever we can. So that went on for awhile and we kind of argued about using that guy and I said I can’t work with him, so we ended up firing that guy. The songs that we did with him we sent to the label and they passed, they passed on those.

So I was like OK, we’re done with this guy, let’s get back to work and everybody was like ‘yeah, we’ll get back to work.’ But we kind of just stopped working on stuff. I mean we tried, but it was kind of just push and pull.”

Given the circumstances the band decided to take a break and were planning to eventually launch a crowdfunding campaign for their new album. However a month later, various members of the band (Alex Linares, Alex Pappas & Daniel Wonacott) went on to announce Speak The Truth (aka Speak The Truth Even If Your Voice Shakes) with Senses Fail‘s Buddy Nielsen on vocals. As Barcalow explains, he found out about the band via Instagram:

“So that sucked for me, I felt trashed. It was just like ‘OK, they don’t want to make a record with me, I’m done…’ So I was like whatever, I’ll just do something else, so I started Private Lives, started doing that for awhile, didn’t hear from anybody.

Then eventually they started texting me and were like ‘hey we got some tour offers’ and it was just like, you don’t want to work on a new record, you don’t want to work on anything new, you just want to go on tour. No thanks.”

He later continued:

“Then they started doing all their stuff with Buddy and I started doing my stuff and then after awhile it was just, nobody was talking. Eventually I got locked out of the social media so then I was like ‘Ok, they really don’t want to work with me, they don’t want anything to do with me.’

Then I got blocked from the social media and I was just like this is too much man, if you don’t want to work with me fire me. So I ended up telling them I can’t do it anymore, not going to do it. So I posted my thing, I gave the world a goodbye the best I could.

Tried to keep it simple, not throw anybody under the bus or start any drama and then they posted their thing and that was that. It got really ugly, I really wish it didn’t go down like that.”

He went on to say that currently “things are pretty ugly” in regards to the band ever getting back together, with some rough text messages having been exchanged behind the scenes. In the wake of the original breakup statements Barcalow shared the demos that they worked on without the unnamed producer. While the band themselves posted the two tracks that were done with the producer.

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