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The Album Dave Lombardo Wants To Be Remembered For Isn’t By Slayer


Posted a few weeks back, ex-Slayer/current Suicidal Tendencies, etc. drummer Dave Lombardo shared a list of influential albums in his life as part of‘s ‘The 10 Albums That Changed My Life’ feature. In addition to copping to owning an Amy Winehouse album and revealing the first album he ever owned, among others, he revealed that the album he wants to be remembered for isn’t actually a Slayer record. Instead he chose Fantômas‘ 2001 collection of horror, etc. theme covers, “The Director’s Cut“. Of that, he stated:

“‘Reign In Blood‘ would be a good choice, but then that holds me into the metal genre. I love ‘The Gathering‘ by Testament too – that album is amazing. But I’ll say ‘The Director’s Cut‘, because that album shows the variety of different ways I play. I have amazing memories of making it. All the records I made with them were a blast.”

He also shared some love for the artwork of Slayer‘s “Reign In Blood“:

“For the time that ‘Reign In Blood‘ came out, its artwork is up there with the best. It’s a guy who looks like Prince Charles – at the front, holding the devil’s chair. Hell Awaits is a great cover too, but it has a little more of a fantasy element to it. This one is more nightmarish.”

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