War From A Harlots Mouth Double Down On Claims That Attila Ripped Off A Part Of Their Song


War From A Harlots Mouth have further spoken out regarding their claims that Attila ripped them off with their new song “Obsession“. If you missed it, that song seemingly lifted a part from War From A Harlots Mouth‘s 2007 track, “If You Want To Blame Us For Something Wrong, Please Abuse This Song“. Speaking via their Facebook today, War From A Harlots Mouth commented:

“For dummies:

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The issue is not that this caricature of a band called ATTILA used a machine gun sample somewhere in a song. A million bands have done that before and after us – Into the Moat for example, which we love!

The issue is that we took a machine gun sample, chopped it up and puzzled it back together in a specific rhythmic pattern, to play along with the instrumentals – which they ripped off pretty much entirely.

Didn’t think I had to explain the obvious, but since we’re talking about a lazy ass, single-digit IQ band here, it probably comes with the territory.”

Attila frontman Chris Fronzak has seemingly addressed the matter as well, tweeting:

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