Obituary Shooting For Spring Release For New Album


Obituary are shooting for a March release for their new album. Guitarist Trevor Peres told The Breathless Sleep in the below video interview:

“Our new album is gonna come out, like, March-ish, in March. We just finished recording this, literally, before this tour started. In fact, there’s some leads that still have to be finished, which we’re doing in a hotel tomorrow. So the actual title… We haven’t made a decision [what to] title the album yet. I think there’s gonna be, like, eleven songs on the album, including ‘Ten Thousand Ways To Die‘—that song is gonna be on it, and another ten or eleven on top of that. The guy who recorded, Joe Cincotta—he’s the one who did our live recordings—he’s the one mixing the album right now; he’s in New York mixing it. So every day he’s been sending us different mixes, so it’s really brutal.”

As he hinted above, the band recently released a new predominantly live album called “Ten Thousand Ways To Die“, which features two new songs and a number of live tracks.

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