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Lorna Shore Announce New Album “Flesh Coffin”


Lorna Shore will return with their sophomore album, “Flesh Coffin“, on February 17th through Outerloop Records. The band helped oversee the production duties alongside Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland, with the latter pair also handling the mixing duties. The group said of the album:

“The album as a whole is a mature understanding of what the band is. For the first time being in this band we have sought out to do what we wanted to and have accomplished that. For once we sat and thought about what it is we want to be way before we started writing opposed to in the past where we just threw whatever we had against the wall.

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The fact that we have been more prepared this release shows since I don’t think there was anything on that album that we would want to change simply because we went over everything with due diligence. We put everything on the line since we don’t want a repeat of last album cycle where it just got lost and we had to claw and grind our way to get anything we could get.

We wanted to set ourselves up to have a great release and we made sure of it every step of the way. From brainstorming to demoing to picking the right studio to record at, to making sure everything was right before we left the studio, to now making sure our release is how we want it. We don’t want to leave anything up to chance and I think this release will show all the hard work that went into this.”

The cover art and track listing for “Flesh Coffin” can be found below:

Lorna Shore - Flesh Coffin

01 – “Offering Of Fire
02 – “Denounce The Light
03 – “The Astral Wake Of Time
04 – “Desolate Veil
06 – “Void
07 – “Infernum
08 – “the//watcher
09 – “Black Hollow
10 – “Flesh Coffin

They will be performing live at The Studio at Webster Hall In New York City, NY on November 17th as part of an Outerloop Records showcase show.

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