Attila Singer Says New Song Describing Woman Baring Her Breasts At A Show Is Meant To Empower


Over the years, Attila frontman Chris Fronzak‘s controversial lyrical content has often been construed as homophobic and misogynistic. Fronzak has repeatedly denied such claims and continues to do so in a new interview with When asked if he felt people are too sensitive these days, he offered:

“…I really do enjoy offending people and pushing people’s buttons, but at the same time I feel like people are way too sensitive. I don’t know if this is something that’s always been around, because I just have this feeling that people were a lot less sensitive back in the eighties.

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I feel that rock ‘n’ roll was crazy and it was meant to push people’s buttons, and I feel like the newest trend in music is to be really straight-laced. They forget that the roots of rock and roll were really taboo. My goal with music [is for] people to feel is excitement or confidence or the ability to crush anything in their path. I’d like people to have a party vibe.”

He was also pressed on a new song featured on their upcoming album, “Chaos“. That song is titled “Queen” and describes a female fan in attendance at a show with her breasts out. Fronzak commented:

“The whole purpose of that song is fuck the status of society. You can make your own choices. If you want to be in the front row of a concert and you choose to pull your tits out, that’s totally fine because that’s your choice and no one should judge you. You can look at the face value and look at the word ‘tits’ and get offended, or you can look at the song as a whole and think, ‘wow this is empowering’, because there shouldn’t be double standards for men and women.”

He continued:

“The meaning behind it isn’t offensive. A lot of our fans are women. Anyone can look at my social networks and know what I’m like. People that know us as people all know that we’re not misogynistic and I feel like if we push someone’s buttons enough that they’re offended, they could take the extra ten seconds and do a little research and be like, ‘this dude isn’t that crazy, [he’s] super nice and means no harm’. When people take things at face value and immediately resort to being offended or labeling us, I just think that’s just stupidity on their part.”

Chaos” will be released on November 04th. For more from Fronzak on it, head to

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